1.Compatible With HDMI And HDMI Under HDCP;

2.Each Port Supports HDMI Protocol Input;
3.Supports HD 480p,720p,1080p,3D And 2160p (4k)Input; 
4.Support Compressed Audio :DTS Digital ,Dolby Digital ; 
5.Support Video Output Broadband 3gbps/300mhz; 
6.Support HD Signal And Remote As Digital Optical Audio Separation Losses During Transmission; 
7.Supports Automatic Signal Source Identification ;When Any Signal Source Is Disconnected ,It Will Automatically Skip To Next Port With a Viable Signal Source; 
8.It Will Automatically Skip To The Most Recently Inserted HDMI Signal Source; 
9.Support HDMI 1.4b HDMI 2.0; HDCP 1.4.  Please choose the right one
10.Support MHL Function And Led Indicator; 11.Support Arc Function;
 1.Suggest using HDMI 2.0 cable as input source cable(1.4 cable only support 1080p or 4k 30Hz); don't support TV stick .  Please ensure that your monitor supports 4K 60Hz support HDR. Make sure your HDMI cable is HDMI 2.0cable. Otherwise 4K 60Hz and HDR will not be implemented.
2.Does not support CEC function; 
3. Does not support Chromecast(Chromecast does not support 4k,only support 1080p) 
4. There is a plastic film in the battery slot of the remote, please remove it firstly before using the remote.
This switch supports the following devices: 
The switch can be applied for connection,signal amplification ,multi-picture conversion and for selection between computer/PC,STB/smart box,DVD player,blue-ray player ,PS3/PS4 /PS4 Pro and LCD TV, Projector,as well as an audio/video receiver.

How To Use It ?

Operating Step: 1.Power Plug Into Power Interface Port,Then Press Arc Button ,And Check If 2 Nd Indication Light Is On.If The Light Is On ,That Means Power Is Work ,If The Light Is Off It Means Power Supply Does Not Work. 2.Signal Source Plug Any HDMI Signal Input Port ,And Then Check If The Corresponding 3 Rd Indication Light Is On ,If It Is On ,That Means The Signal Is Connected,If The Light Is Not On ,That Means The Signal Is Not Connected. 3.HDMI Output Port Connects The Display Device. 4.Press Select To Switch The Input Signal Source. 5.Audio Output Port Can Connect Analog Audio. 6.SPDIF Port Connect Optical Fiber And Digital Audio. 7.Input 3 Can Connect Mobile Phone With MHL And Can Switch To The TV 8.The Arc Starts To Work And Led Light On When Press Arc Button One Time ,The Arc Stops To Work And Led Light Off When Press Twice. Note: For 4k*2k@30hz You Need To Use Standard HDMI 2.0 Cable .For 3D ,You Need To Switch To 1080p. When you use it,If you have questions, please contact us anytime. We solve the problem for you.


Your device does not support 4k, 60HZ, possible reasons: 1.Your monitor does not support 4k, 60HZ. 2.Your cable is not really HDMI 2.0 cable. 3.During the use, the cable length exceeds 3m and will not support 4k, 60HZ. 4.When you connect your monitor with your computer. The computer graphics card does not support 60HZ and cannot display 4k, 60HZ. Possible reasons why HDR does not work: 1. First of all, the TV must support HDR. Some TV hardware does not support the HDR function. It is adjusted by the software and cannot meet the standard. 2. When using the PS4, the screen settings of the TV should be adjusted to the automatic mode. 3. HDR mode requires game support, some games only support 4k screen, it does not support HDR. This device supports 5.1CH What is 5.1CH? how to use 5.1CH? Surround sound output, giving people the feeling of being in the cinema. Use the remote control to press the 5.1CH button, it can be used

Sound system does not work:

When you turn off ARC. The sound will be sent from the TV or an external speaker. When you turn on ARC. You need to have a power amplifier device. When you have a power amplifier device, when you press the remote control 5.1CH button. There will be stereo. At this point, the 2.1 sound does not work. If you don't have an amplifier, you won't hear the sound at this time. You have to press the remote control 2.1CH. At this point the external speakers work and you will hear the sound. Every time you press the remote control, when the red indicator light blinks, Indicates successful operation. Please watch the video operation

4K HDMI Audio Extractor

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