About Us

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 It's nice of you to take the time to get to know us better. Here are some things about us that we thought you might like to know.

 Gtech Audios & Gokul Electronics was started in 2010 by Paramaraj.P (Founder & CEO) with the objective of making Digital Audio products easily accessible to anyone.

 We developed many products for Audiophiles and hobbyist to ease the process by providing high quality tested products backed by good technical information.

 Today, we have range across various categories including

  5.1 Remote Kit
  HDMI Decoders
  DIY Amp Kits
  LCD Display
  and still counting!

  So come here and source what you want.If you have picture for the parts you want but don't see it on our website,you can also tell us.We can help you to find it.

  Your satisfaction and loyalty are our greatest success !

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