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Speaker Protection Kit

Speaker Protection Kit


The Speaker Protection Circuit has two main functions: to protect the audio amplifier and the loudspeakers during start-up sequence when the amplifier output might exhibit DC voltage, and to protect the loudspeakers in the unlikely event of an amplifier power stage failure, where DC component would damage the speaker voice coil.Important Note:- The ground of the amplifier should be connected at the Speaker Protection Circuit GND

  • Suitable for : Amplifiers with symmetrical power supply
  • Amplifiers with asymmetrical power supply.


  •  Switch-delay: +- 6 seconds
  • DC protection: +1V/-1V
  •  Max. switching current: 10A
  • Supply voltage: 0-12V AC
  • PCB dimensions: 50 x 54mmThis board has no serviceable parts other than the relay.

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