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DIY kits, need their own welding

Sound power to start to protect high-power soft-start board

PCB Specifications: 

The fuse is 10A
Import RIFA (force of) safety capacitor
Increase the voltage regulator circuit
Integrated switch connector (compatible with 7.62 terminals and inserts), more convenient to install!
Delay time of about 3 seconds.
Joined the fuse and electrical isolation trough (industry safety requirements)
The LED indicates that one can see if it is in a working state;
Discharge capacitor to effectively protect the relay, for the soft start board escort.
Measured maximum withstand power: 2000W.
working principle:
When the soft-start board power, 220V through the RC after the current limit to the three electrolytic capacitor charge, about 3 seconds, the capacitor can be filled, full of power to the relay, then the relay was pulled. And four negative temperature coefficient resistance (NTC) and the relay two contacts in parallel, that is to say before the relay pull the current through the negative temperature coefficient of resistance (NTC) current limit was sent to the electrical appliances (which play a soft start Of the function), and 3 seconds after the relay pull the negative temperature coefficient shorted, the current directly through the closed relay is the normal working condition. But also to achieve a smooth rise in load voltage to the mains, to protect the rectifier bridge and large reservoir, which effectively protect the electrical extension of life. It is noteworthy that it is not difficult to see that the power switch is mounted only before the soft start plate 220v is input (on board).
Delay time of about 3 seconds.